Wednesday October 19, 2016
KING’S Lynn can confirm there will regrettably be no re-staging of the National League Pairs this season.

The event has twice fallen victim to the weather, having initially been scheduled for August 27 before a second postponement last Sunday.

Club bosses have been in consultation with National League co-ordinator and Management Committee representatives, and they have concluded it would now be impractical to run the meeting.

Co-promoter Dale Allitt said: “It’s not a decision that has been taken lightly, as a lot of work had gone into the staging of this event, we were proud to have it at King’s Lynn, and we apologise to all supporters.

“It should be remembered that this meeting was originally to be run on a prime Saturday evening in the summer, and the weather was unfortunately against us on that day.

“The situation now is that over the next two weekends Eastbourne and Birmingham are contesting the two major Finals, and there are also a number of other league matches scheduled to complete the season.

“The Pairs is not the kind of event which can easily be run in midweek when you bear in mind travel and work commitments for riders and supporters, with clubs from throughout the league involved.

“Going forward it may be that we have to look at building a reserve date for these events into the calendar, maybe even across a Saturday and Sunday, but that naturally also creates issues for weekend clubs who would themselves want to be running in the summer.

“I’m sure it’s something that will be discussed when the league holds its’ AGM, and for now it’s just frustrating that the meeting will not be run this season.”

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