Wednesday February 15, 2017
HOT prospect Josh Bailey has described his SGB Premiership team spot with King's Lynn as a "dream come true."

The 19-year-old has been handed the opportunity by club bosses which will see him share one of the reserve berths with another British youngster.

It completes the rise up the Speedway ladder for the Norfolk racer after starting his career with Lynn's Young Stars second side and he is now raring to go with Trucks 'R' Us Stars in the top flight.

"I've been waiting for this moment and it really is a dream come true," Bailey said.

"I started off as a reserve with the Young Stars and I've gradually worked my way up each season.

"My aim was obviously always to get to the top league, but to be given my first chance by King's Lynn really does mean a lot.

"This opportunity is going to be brilliant for me and my career going forwards; it's going to allow me to test myself and push myself even more.

"I enjoyed stepping up with Scunthorpe in the Premier League last year and while I found it challenging at first, I've used it as a learning period going forwards.

"I learnt a lot in the Premier League that will hopefully help this next step-up seem that little bit easier - but I'm in the team to score points.

"I know I'm dialled in and I know I can perform around King's Lynn. My aim is to continue scoring points around there and score the points I need to for the team away from home too.

"Having a former World Champion in the team like Chris Holder is going to be such a big help for a young rider like me and I think he'll have such a positive impact on the whole of the team.

"My season didn't end the way I wanted it to last year with the collarbone injury, but I'm 100 per cent fit again now, I'm ready to step up to the plate and I'm raring to go!"

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