Tuesday March 28, 2017
KING’S Lynn fans can get their first glimpse of the 2017 team in action on Wednesday – free of charge!

The Trucks R Us Stars will be together for their press day, followed by team practice which the public are welcome to watch from 7pm.

Excitement is mounting for the new season with the Stars highly rated by many to bounce back from the disappointment of last season.

Co-promoter Rob Lyon said: “It’s an exciting time of the year for fans everywhere and particularly here at King’s Lynn.

“All the boys are looking forward to the action and it’s all about preparing for the big opening night against Somerset next Wednesday, April 5.”

KING’S LYNN TRUCKS R US STARS 2017: Chris Holder 12.53, Robert Lambert* 8.70, Troy Batchelor 7.36, Nicklas Porsing 6.99, Lewis Rose* 5.97, Kai Huckenbeck 5.14, Josh Bailey* 2.00.

IN: Holder (from Poole), Huckenbeck (previously No.8), Bailey.
OUT: Niels-Kristian Iversen, Nicolaj Busk Jakobsen, Carl Wilkinson/Simon Lambert.

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