Wednesday July 25, 2018
ROBERT Lambert roared to a 15-point maximum as the Tru Plant Stars clinched a 49-41 victory against Swindon on Wednesday.

Stars’ no.1 Niels-Kristian Iversen put his gating gremlins behind him as he made a jet-propelled start in the opening heat clinching victory with ease.

The home side soon broke the deadlock in the following race, with recent signings Simon Lambert and Jason Garrity teaming up for a 5-1 to the delight of the Stars’ supporters.

The scores stayed the same for the next five heats, although, there was still plenty of action in heat seven. Stars’ skipper Lambert went from fourth to first passing Adam Ellis on lap three, and then he overtook Tobiasz Musielak on the final turn bringing the home fans in the grandstand to their feet.

Simon Lambert and Zach Wajtknecht then came in as reserve replacements in the following race as Jason Garrity and Jack Smith withdrew from the meeting through injury.

Lambert was superb for Lynn, securing his second win of the night as he and Michael Palm Toft clinched another 5-1 for their side which extended the lead to eight points.

The visitors hit back with their first heat advantage of the meeting with a 4-2 in heat nine, reducing the home sides lead down to six.

The two sides then traded 4-2 advantages after the interval in heats 11 and 12, with score now 39-33 to the Stars.

Back-to-back shared heats then followed meaning the home side needed a minimum of a 4-2 in heat 15 to prevent the Robins from securing a point.

Like Monday, skipper Lambert and Iversen came up trumps for their side with a 4-2 in final heat as they ran out 49-41 victors.

Stars’ boss Dale Allitt said: “It was another hard meeting; we didn’t expect anything less from Swindon because they’re reigning league champions for a reason. It’s another three points added to our total and we stopped them from getting an away point too.

“Simon Lambert was great for us at reserve tonight because we lost Jason Garrity so early which made things difficult but Simon stepped up again with a couple of good wins, while Robert Lambert was phenomenal with another maximum.

“We look set to be without Garrity on Monday which means we need to guest in his place which is frustrating for me and frustrating for everyone because it makes the job a lot harder and effects team spirit. There isn’t a lot we can do about injuries, though, it’s part and parcel of the sport.”

KING’S LYNN 49: Robert Lambert 15, Niels-Kristian Iversen 9, Ty Proctor 8, Simon Lambert 7, Thomas Jorgensen 5+2, Michael Palm Toft 3+2, Jason Garrity 2+1.

SWINDON 41: Nick Morris 10+2, Troy Batchelor 10, Adam Ellis 8+2, Tobiasz Musielak 6, Zach Wajtknecht 4+2, David Bellego 3, Jack Smith 0.

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